Tote Bag x Printed Slip Dress




I’ll have to admit, owning a pink tote bag is totally out of the ordinary for me. I’m really not a handbag type of girl. Meaning, I’ll use the same handbag over and over again, for years on end, until it falls apart. Until it’s no longer usable—and I mean not usable. Holes, broken straps, etc. I only own about 5 practical ones (3 of which may have been gifted to me), but hey, no shame here! I’ve just never had a keen interest in growing a handbag collection.

Actually, come to think of it, the real reason could be to avoid the hassle of transferring my stuff over. From bag to bag, pocket to pocket. Since I’m such a forgetful person, I tend to leave things in its pockets, without realizing I’ve left it there before it’s too late. I once forgot to transfer my bus pass over, which landed me with a $300 ticket. Talk about major (financial) heartbreak! Just this past Monday I switched purses and forgot my work access badge. It was definitely a great start to my day!

With all that said, I was immediately smitten by this tote bag. The fact that it’s soft and blush pink makes it THE bag of the season, and the gold touches add so much character to this already versatile bag.

And all I really have to say about this slip dress is… FIFTEEN dollars. ENUFF SAID. If you’re looking for a printed slip dress, look no further! It also comes in a cool black polka dot style. Though I dressed it up over the weekend for a wedding ceremony, you really can’t go wrong dressing it down by throwing on a pair of Chuck Taylor’s.

tote-bag-slip-dressPink Tote Bag – Zara | Slip Dress – H&M (Only $15!) | Drape Jacket (similar herehere) | Chuck Taylor All Star II 




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