I’m showcasing my current favorite dress that I bought from Zara a few months ago. What makes it so unique is obviously its beautiful vibrancy—the color is just out of this world. I received so many compliments while wearing it to a wedding this past weekend! Now I know yellow… View Post

Does anyone else suffer from potential under-butt exposure when wearing denim shorts? Can I just say that it’s the most annoying thing ever?! It wasn’t until I found these particular bermuda denim shorts that I didn’t have to feel uncomfortable or insecure about a risky flash in public. So the solution?… View Post

I’m still in a bit of a shock that the tshirt and cami combo trend is back! Back in my late high school/early University days, as a big fan of Abercrombie & Hollister at the time, I’d buy a ton of their cheap, printed tanks and wear them over plain… View Post

I’ll have to admit, owning a pink tote bag is totally out of the ordinary for me. I’m really not a handbag type of girl. Meaning, I’ll use the same handbag over and over again, for years on end, until it falls apart. Until it’s no longer usable—and I mean not… View Post