HAPPY 2018!!! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store! One of the hardest things now is to remember to date everything with “2018” instead of “2017” … if that’s the most of my worries right now then life isn’t so terrible, right? I’m finally back in… View Post

With this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday now behind us, I can’t help but feel kinda relieved. It was (to say the least) overwhelming! I did manage to avoid most sales this year, making just a few purchases on “necessary” items. Next year will probably be a different story,… View Post

Happppy Wednesday guys! I know it’s only November, but I can’t stop thinking about December and all the events coming up! I have a bit of excitement and a bit of anxiety over it, to be honest. I don’t really have a Christmas obsession like some do, where immediately after… View Post

Well, I’ve finally experienced a major fashion blogger problem. This cold weather (which was really inevitable) has prevented me and Henry to be able to take OOTD pics outside. Super super sad face. Soooo you’ll be seeing a lot of indoor pics from now on. Not the best backdrops but… View Post

Happy Hump Day and Happy first day of November! Where has the time gone?! And why do I feel like I’m ALWAYS saying this? I just can’t believe it’s now time to shop for winter clothes and expect to see Christmas ad’s, decor, and all other things Xmas related in… View Post