Pinafore Dress x Graffiti Walls

I’ve always had an intense admiration for well thought-out graffiti walls—its colors & intricate detailing are something to really appreciate, and Toronto is definitely full of them. We spent 5 full days in the 6ix (though we really only stayed in and around metro Toronto), and that was definitely NOT enough time to explore the city.

Knowing full well I wanted a graffiti wall (or two) as a backdrop, I opted for an all-back outfit. Something a little less busy. OK, almost full black. I just couldn’t go without color, so I had to bring my blush pink tote bag with me. It was large enough to carry my DSLR camera, but small enough so that it didn’t get in the way of all the touristy things we wanted to do. And if that wasn’t enough, I added a red handkerchief for some additional pop of color 😉 (originally intended to be tied around my neck, prior to putting on a choker tshirt dress!)

This faux leather pinafore dress was a lovely find from the one and only Zara, and it effortlessly drapes over any body type. And look at those pockets! All I can say is, I’m a little obsessed. Dressed up or down, over a tshirt, tank, turtleneck, striped blouse… the possibilities are endless. Check it out in a green color, too!

Things to keep in mind when roaming through Toronto:

  1. BRING COMFY SHOES. Trust me, my feet were dyyyying after a day walking in these platforms. Nike’s FOR THE WIN. Speaking of which, the city’s sneaker selection is seriously off the chain. But be prepared to pay a ridiculous amount of tax, unless you can fit into kids sizes!
  2. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES. Between the 5 of us, we probably have about 15 pictures together. Lol….. that could actually be a good thing since we enjoyed the trip more than we tried to photograph it. But still, pictures are worth a thousand words!
  3. TAKE IN & ENJOY THE BUSY-NESS. 24 hour pho & dim sum?! Yes please!

Things that could go wrong on a trip to Toronto: 

  1. You will not sleep your entire 3.5 hour red-eye flight, as you intended to. Maybe 15 minutes, maybe an hour, if you’re lucky. It is an airplane, afterall! Lesson learned: avoid the red-eye flight, period.
  2. Your Airbnb host will cancel on you 10 minutes prior to your 4PM check-in time. Yup, that DID happen to us, and yes we were livid. But yes, we were able to find a last minute Airbnb, still in central downtown Toronto—thank you Michelle!
  3. You will not have time to explore all that Toronto & its surrounding areas have to offer. Our plans to check out Koreatown, the Hockey Hall of Fame, Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake, Wonderland, and the cazillion other places we wanted to eat and see, just didn’t work out.

But smile through it all and leave your expectations behind. Know that the city will always be there! I still had a blast!

Toronto, I will be back. 🙂

Outfit Deets | Faux Leather Pinafore Dress – Zara| Choker T-shirt Dress – Forever 21 (similar herehere, and here) | Soft Tote Bag – Zara | Platform Mules – H&M | Sunglasses – Miu Miu (see here and here)

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