I’m a little very late on the trend here (like…2 years late?) but as I was cleaning out my closet, this lovely suede patchwork skirt appeared, still with the price tag on (not too proud of that…). But trends come and go, and come right back, right? I’m kind of excited that I pulled out this gem, to add to my attempt at girly-girl-ness this season!

I bought this skirt last Spring from a little boutique in downtown Kelowna, while trying to kill time before my afternoon flight home. I had taken a mini weekend get-away with a few friends, staying at the famous Sparkling Hill Resort. The resort overlooks Lake Okanagan, and is infused with a ton of Swarvoski crystals—Swarvoski chandelier, Swarvoski covered walls… it was a beauty. It’s a liiiiittle over-rated, but still definitely something to check out, just not on a regular basis—perfect for a couples getaway!

I was a bit under-budget from this trip (surprisingly), so I figured I’d treat myself with a cute, out-of-the-ordinary, quality skirt!

When I think of Kelowna, I usually associate that name with just one thing: WINE. And we definitely tried to take advantage of that. The unfortunate thing for me was about 6 months prior to this trip, I spent 3 weeks in Europe, and about a week and a half of that time in Italy (LOVE Italy). And as you probably know, Italians love their wine. While in Italy, I probably drank the equivalent of the amount of wine I’ve drank my entire life prior to this trip. 😀 We booked a Tuscan wine tour, and each “taster” was literally a half—if not full—glass of wine.

An entire day of wine-drinking, vineyard-hopping, and sight seeing (Italian lunch included) for $150 (Canadian dollars!!)? Yes, please!

So when we booked our Kelowna wine tour, I was beyond excited and expected the exact same experience since we paid about the same price. Well, disappointment immediately struck when I had my very first two-sipper-taster. When they say tasters, they really mean tasters. Like Costco-sized juice tasters. Oh, and no lunch included.

So in conclusion, European wine tour > Kelowna wine tour, BY FAR. Way better bang for your buck. Just a FYI. I still have yet to check out a Californian wine tour!

p.s. I hope my ghostly white skin didn’t blind your eyes too much 😀

Outfit Deets |  Soft Scoop Neck Tee – Dynamite (different colors here) | Suede Patchwork Skirt (similar denim one here) | Keke Booties – Nine West | Sunglasses – Miu Miu (see here and here)

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