I’ll have to admit, owning a pink tote bag is totally out of the ordinary for me. I’m really not a handbag type of girl. Meaning, I’ll use the same handbag over and over again, for years on end, until it falls apart. Until it’s no longer usable—and I mean not… View Post

So I’ve kind of hopped onto this season’s hottest shoe obsession: block heel mules. Regardless of what men (aka my boyfriend) thinks, I’m absolutely in love with this style of shoe. For one, they provide great support due to the large block heel. And for two, they cover up any… View Post

I’ve always had an intense admiration for well thought-out graffiti walls—its colors & intricate detailing are something to really appreciate, and Toronto is definitely full of them. We spent 5 full days in the 6ix (though we really only stayed in and around metro Toronto), and that was definitely NOT enough… View Post

Well, I finally copped myself a pair of cropped bootcut jeans, and all I can say is: LOVE. Skinny and boyfriend jeans are more of my thing. But, I love the uniqueness of these cropped ones! Revolve(clothing) has consistently been my go-to e-commerce site for the latest designer clothes. The majority… View Post

Is anyone else obsessed with ruffles & unique hems this season? You really can’t go wrong with the classic tee and jeans combo. But it’s always fun to add some color, flare, and subtle detailing to these classic pieces. See: the ruffle draping, open “cold” shoulder, and bright berry color of… View Post