How To: Style A Yellow Dress

I’m showcasing my current favorite dress that I bought from Zara a few months ago. What makes it so unique is obviously its beautiful vibrancy—the color is just out of this world. I received so many compliments while wearing it to a wedding this past weekend!

Now I know yellow isn’t for everyone. Trust me, I’m hardly ever a yellow kinda person. Yellow clothes? Yellow skittles? No thanks. Especially being as pale as I am as the color could completely wash me out. But I took a risk here and played along with major summery vibes, and I think it really paid off!

Here are some tips on How to Style a Yellow Dress:

How to Style a Yellow Dress

1. Minimal accessories: Rather than getting all fancy with statement jewelry, I went for a more subtle look with a simple necklace and no bracelet. By doing so, the dress itself stands out and makes a true fashion statement, without being overpowered by unnecessary additions. Though I really couldn’t go without my rings, so I went all out with that 😀

How to Style a Yellow Dress

2. Wear shoes that match the details: As the color of the dress straps and laces are black, I went with black pumps (which I have to say, are the most comfortable pointy toe shoes I own! They’re Calvin Klein that I bought a few years ago—can’t seem to find them online anymore 🙁 ). I love the way Jennifer Lopez styled her gorgeous yellow gown at the 2016 Golden Globes. Her glistening silver shoes matched her diamond jewels to a T. Now if only we could all afford to wear 46 carat diamonds and Jimmy Choo heels…

How to Style a Yellow Dress

3. Add a fun clutch: As if yellow wasn’t enough, I decided to add a red + black clutch. The yellow trend on the red carpet has been going strong for years, and because we’re not all fortunate enough to experience a red carpet, why not bring the red carpet to the look (figuratively speaking), and add some red into the mix? At the same time, the addition of a clutch should be just enough so that it doesn’t overpower the dress.

How to Style a Yellow Dress

Last but not least, have fun with it. I find that weddings allow you to step outside of your comfort zone, dress up, and celebrate the beautiful bride & groom while looking your best! Ditch the black and go with something fun, would ya? 🙂

How to Style a Yellow DressDress – Zara | Clutch – Nine West | Heels – Calvin Klein





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