3 Simple Everyday Items That Make Life Easier

Being in the center of my late-20’s definitely come with its perks, like being able to make smarter life choices from experience (What? Finishing an entire bottle of wine by myself in one night isn’t a good idea?), but does anyone else feel like life is passing by way too quickly?

The fact that it’s already almost mid-year just blows my mind!

Many of us follow a certain path, where for most of our lives, we’re striving for something. We have goals to attain. We have money to make. We have families to feed. But because of the pace of our lives, it’s so easy to forget to do the little things that contribute so much to our overall health and well-being—like vitamin and water intake, and cleaning your shoes. Yes, clean shoes make me happy!

Efficiency is intelligent laziness.

– David Dunham

So why waste time trying to remember and stress over these little things, when you can easily do it through the use of every day items?

3 Simple Everyday Items That Make Life Easier

1. Pill Organizer

Some of you won’t find this too helpful, but for me, it was an instant game changer. I didn’t grow up taking multi-vitamins on a daily basis, let alone all the other beneficial supplements, like omega-3 oils, calcium, and whatever other ones that are normally recommended. I’m not a nutrition expert, but I know that supplements are important—not for replacing nutrition, but for accompanying it.

Because it was never a habit for me, having to take this every single day was so easily forgotten. Throughout my 20’s I haven’t been the healthiest, and I was constantly getting sick. A former coworker asked if I was taking any multivitamins, and suggested the use of a pill organizer.

This has been one of the best suggestions I’ve ever gotten. It’s so simple, yet efficient in that you’re setting up your vitamin intake on a weekly basis. And if you place your pill organizer in an area that’s easily visible (mine is right in front of me beside my work computer), it’s hard to forget about them. Because I’m super forgetful, I went over and above by setting a daily reminder on my phone.

2. Extra-Large Water Bottle

And by extra-large, I mean GIANT. My work water bottle holds about 1500ml of water. From what I remember growing up, the recommended daily water intake is set at 8 cups (though I think it’s much more now, and differs for males & females), which is almost 1900ml. So as long as I’m finishing this whole bottle of water throughout my working hours, I’ve already downed about 6 cups of water. Not to mention all the water I drink during and after the gym, and right before bed.

If you’re lacking in water intake, this is an effective way to get your hydration, and it saves you a few trips to the water dispenser. Again, place it where it’s easily reachable, and it’ll be hard to forget about it.

A con of this method is your water will likely get warm while it’s sitting in your water bottle throughout the day. But I’ll take hydration over cold water any day. If you’re not a fan of warm water, a quick suggestion is to use reusable ice cubes.

3. Instant Shoe Wipes

Do you ever get into work, all done up and ready for the day, then look down at your pretty, assumingly shiny shoes and notice that they’re covered in gunk?

3 Simple Everyday Items That Make Life Easier

This is where instant shoe wipes come in handy. And I’m not talking about any type of instant shoe wipe. Henry and I discovered the brand Jason Markk while shopping one day on Whyte Ave, a brand that has amazing shoe cleaning products. They sell a box of 30 quick wipes for less than $1 each, in little wet-nap-style packaging. Really easy to carry around in your purse! 

I know it’s not quite practical to use these every single day, considering they’ll cost you some money, but the convenience of it makes it all worth it.

Wishing you a happy & efficient end of the week! 🙂


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