Happy FRIYAY! It’s a gorgeous day out and it looks like everyone has a lot of festivities going on this weekend. Mainly for #Canada150! I’m ending off the week with something a bit different. Since it’s the start of Summer 2017, I wanted to write more of a reflective &… View Post

Does anyone else suffer from potential under-butt exposure when wearing denim shorts? Can I just say that it’s the most annoying thing ever?! It wasn’t until I found these particular bermuda denim shorts that I didn’t have to feel uncomfortable or insecure about a risky flash in public. So the solution?… View Post

I’m still in a bit of a shock that the tshirt and cami combo trend is back! Back in my late high school/early University days, as a big fan of Abercrombie & Hollister at the time, I’d buy a ton of their cheap, printed tanks and wear them over plain… View Post

I’ll have to admit, owning a pink tote bag is totally out of the ordinary for me. I’m really not a handbag type of girl. Meaning, I’ll use the same handbag over and over again, for years on end, until it falls apart. Until it’s no longer usable—and I mean not… View Post

So I’ve kind of hopped onto this season’s hottest shoe obsession: block heel mules. Regardless of what men (aka my boyfriend) thinks, I’m absolutely in love with this style of shoe. For one, they provide great support due to the large block heel. And for two, they cover up any… View Post